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Top Causes of Homelessness: Ways to help those in need, starting today!

Often people see something terrible and have thoughts of 'how sad' OR 'I couldn't imagine' when baring witness to the unfortunate.

However there are a select few who think 'how sad, what can I do to help'.

This post is for the doers.

"It’s a terrible thing, isn’t it,

the way we throw people away."

-Kate Morton Quote

I recently read a stat that blew my mind. Did you know that 1 in 7 American houses are empty? Did you also know that 1 in 402 Americans are homeless? Meaning 24 empty houses are available for each homeless American, which honestly could be more if we consider homeless families. It’s possible for you to disagree when I say this however I doubt you will…Homelessness is everyone’s issue. After all, homeless people are not a problem but instead the result of a problem. Somewhere in their background tragedy hit and they never fully recovered thus resulting in homelessness.

Now there are several things that can take place in a persons life, I've listed a few.

Below are the causes for homelessness

1 Loss of job

2 Bills Higher than earnings

3 Evicted by a family member

4 Abuse at home

5 Incarcerated

6 Sick – Disability – Mental Illness

7 Change of family status

8 Drug and/or Alcohol Addiction

Ways you can help!

1 Information: Start by becoming informed. Who, What & How

Who are the homeless? What do they need? How can I help? (Well you’re already one step forward by educating yourself. I encourage you to dig deeper)

2 Donations: Food/Groceries, Clothes and Toys

3 Volunteer: Homeless Shelters, Battered women shelters and Soup Kitchens can always use extra hands or services if you are trained at a professional capacity. (Counselors, Physicians, Dentists & Tutors are all welcome)

4 Awareness: Tell people about Shelters, social media could help her in a big way. This should include local businesses.

5 Employment and/or Aid : Help employ the homeless. Assist with applying for Government aid available.

6 Form a Transitional Housing Program: Which is exactly what we have done, House of Roses in Bloom is a transitional home for girls that are homeless and/or aging out of foster care.

Join the fight! Help us!

For more info on how to help or volunteer Email us at

(Picture taken from Pinterest)


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